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Plus Size Bathing Suits

It's that time of the year where we get to breathe in warm beach air, bury our feet in the sand and get tan; summer is the only time where you get to wear that swimwear you've been saving for this season. It is the time to feel so alive and be one with the waves indeed, get to wear that sexy bikini or a conservative swimsuit. Summer is for everyone after all, even pregnant women out there bought their very own maternity swimwear (that is with their doctor's consent if they can go to the beach and all), so it is no excuse for you to chicken-out during this season just because you don't have the perfect bikini for your body. Here are quick tips to help you decide what swimsuit is best for your body type:

Ladies Blessed With Big Bum and Those Who Aren't - Ladies with naturally big booties should avoid high-cut swimsuit or string bikini, instead they should choose a swimwear with enough fabric to avoid a wedgie or constant tugging. Also, choose a swimsuit with plain bottoms and printed tops for balance; while for those who are not so blessed in that area, bikini frills and ruffles are preferred showing a little of your butt cheeks to create an illusion.

Small and Big Watermelons - Watermelons is just an alternative word for boobs to make things less awkward. Ladies not so blessed with big boobs should wear bikini tops with ruffles or thicker padding to create an illusion of having big boobs while ladies gifted with naturally big boobs should wear a swimsuit with underwire bra or choose a swimsuit with thick straps.

Flabs on The Tummy and Back - Food is love and it's hard to control what we eat sometimes, so ladies with tummy flabs should wear a bikini with high waist bottom while those with back flabs should wear a swimsuit with thick straps to smooth out any lumps and bumps.

One Piece Bathing Suits

Luckily, there are a lot of one piece bathing suits for women sold anywhere but the challenge is you deciding what is perfect for you and your body type. Visit Classy Eagle Store for a wide variety of bathing suits women to help you be summer ready!

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